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About Little Pink Houses of Atlanta, LLC
​Little Pink Houses of Atlanta, LLC

Our innovative Executive Lease Purchase platform creates a win-win home sale solution for both the buyer and the seller unlike any traditional lease option or rent to own program. We service a very specific niche of buyers focused on the 20% of buyers who could get a mortgage pre-2008 crash, and now, can afford a home, but cannot qualify today due to the changes.  

For the seller, we take no commission from the seller! Thus, we create a winning situation as we service an untapped niche that makes us very different from traditional home sales. We can provide these sellers with these executive level buyers, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and many others who can afford to buy a home move in today! We have a very specific program that gives the seller every bit of confidence, that their home will not only sell, but they will maximize their profit, savings, and get the price offer they were looking for. All of this is WITHOUT the burden of a commission and, in many cases, the seller is not required to pay closing costs.
Committed to helping our customers achieve their dreams of home ownership